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Icon Meme!!

Posted on 11.09.2007 at 17:45
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All my icons are for RPing purposes so show mood, etc. Here are the ones that were requested by sanguinepen

1) Tough - probably my most fav moment in Buffy is where this pic comes from. The whole scene with her conversation with the First inside the hellmouth is one I watch over and over again. It's meant to show when Taryn is pissed off or getting into a fight.

2) Army of Me - another awesome pic that I think really depicts what a slayer is–so if course I had to use it for Taryn. She's usually a one-gal act, whether it's her choice or not and she can bring the heat if necessary!

3) With Sword - The icon wasn't made by me but since Taryn did have the sword given to her from her sire who got it from his sire who got it from his sire, etc., I figured it was symbolic of her character. The sword has silver qualities to it and she used it to kill 3 werewolves during the campaign...PS, you said sword twice :)

4) Taryn - one of the icons I made to represent the new look she got after ‘dying' in the campaign. She was killed my accident by a coterie member and became a ghost. Allies of hers spent a year searching for a girl who matched her description and her spirit was forced inside–hence the dark hair.

5)War Torn - Another pic I cropped meant so symbolize when things have gone to hell in a handbasket. When Taryn has had the crap kicked out of her or a stroke of horrible luck (which usually involves something blowing up or catching fire in some way). Also, the pic from Buffy is when she is dragged out of Heaven–one of the biggest turning points of the show in my opinion.


Crash, Part I

Posted on 10.23.2007 at 17:41
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Character Name: Taryn Scott
Origin: Vampire: The Masquerade - Original Character
Word Count: 432
Character's LJ: taryn_scott
Rating: PG13 for some violence

Crash, Part ICollapse )


I'm not dead! (just undead of course)

Posted on 10.22.2007 at 23:41
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35 weeks since my last update. Holy shit. My writing has suffered a lot in the past year. There's a lot of ideas in my head but putting it on paper is proving to be a pain in my ass. This is something I left as a draft on here a while back. It was meant to have more, but I figured it's not too bad the way it is. Perhaphs I'll be able to complete the rest another time. Here's hoping!

I would also like to add for the sake of storyline--this is out of order. The part that comes before this is already 90% written on paper in rough draft--I just wanted to post something now and this was all I had :)

Character Name: Taryn Scott
Origin: Original Character, Vampire: The Masquerade - Brujah
Word Count: 996
Character's LJ: taryn_scott
Rating: PG-13

The Night I Died...Collapse )


I wanna know

Posted on 02.15.2007 at 18:24
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1. Ever punch someone in the face?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Do you eat with your hands or utensils?
5. Do you dream at night?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. Have you ever wished someone dead?
8. Do you like Bush, the president?

9. What's your philosophy on life? And on death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know about it, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police? (the cops, not the band)
12. Do you like country music?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself, would you?
15. Would you date me?
16. What do you wear to sleep?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool? While you were still in it?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. What is your favorite thing about me?
21. Do you think I'm attractive?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you.


And now...

Posted on 12.17.2006 at 02:59
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I realized I was able to create picture galleries! Yay!! So go take a look-see. My last exam is on Tuesday and when it's done I plan on getting all the writing projects done that I've started. Let's see...I've got about 4 months-worth of deviant_muses posts that I never finished... and a short story. I would also like to get back to my little session stories.

Don't know how much longer the game is gonna go on for. It seems I'm the only one who shows interest in it anymore. I really hope Matt doesn't fold the campaign. I would be so pissed off at all the other players. He puts so much work into it and he just doesn't seem to get a return on it. I'm trying!!

But yeah, enjoy the galleries! I'll be adding more from my own extensive collection of pics.



"You'll Be In My Heart"

Posted on 07.18.2006 at 03:05
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Character Name: Taryn Scott
Origin: Original Character, Vampire: The Masquerade
Word Count: 863
Rating: PG 13
As posted to deviant_muses

The rain had finally let up enough so you could go outside without getting soaked. The windless night was chilled by moisture saturating everything that could be saturated leaving the air heavy and refreshed. A full harvest moon lazily drifted into view above the retreating storm clouds lighting the graveyard up with an eerie glow. The tombstones were still slick from the rain and the grass squished under Taryns' sneakers as she walked across the row of plots, the bottom cuffs of her jeans soaked from dragging in the puddles.

The Brujah didn't know why she came to the graveyard. It always seemed a bit too cliche for her: A vampire lurking around the final resting places of so many people, her mere presence mocking them since she was able to escape a fate they couldn't. She honestly didn't know where else to go and the graveyard seemed fitting. . .somehow.

She didn't have loved ones buried here. No. . .there would be no neat plot with a name-etched tombstone for them. . .not for the twice-dead. There would be no memorial service where she could tell everyone how much her coterie meant to her. . .no one to hear how they saved her life and became closer to her and cared about her more than anyone had in her entire life. She was supposed to have gone with them, you see. At least it was the plan of those who started the fire that turned their haven into a raging inferno. But as far as they knew, Taryn had been killed too and it needed to stay that way. That's why their grave could only have a place in her mind.

Taryn walked until she saw a solitary tree nestled in the back corner far away from the heavily populated area. She crossed the graveyard until she stood underneath the trees' looming branches. Water droplets gently cascaded off it's thick plumage, landing with a tap on her honey blond hair and the over-sized leather coat she had taken from the last person she'd fed off of.

Taryn crouched down and carefully placed three red roses at the base of the large trunk. "I'm sorry." She said softly. "I wish more than anything you were here. I don't know what to do. I don't. . ." She stopped and her head dropped in sorrow. ". . .I know it's the Brujah way to be strong but I don't think I can go it alone. Not without you." Taryn felt the hotness of tears welling in her hazel-green eyes but when she went to wipe them away the back of her hand was smeared with a line of blood.

"We'll see you again,"
A voice said from beside her. "But not yet."

Taryn's eyes widened and she looked to see Jackson crouched beside her. The moonlight reflected off her sire's handsome features and he was wearing his favorite leather coat. Funny, there were no traces of the burn marks that still laced her skin from the fire on him. Was she dreaming? "I miss you." she blurted out.

Jackson met her gaze with a grin and she felt a pang in her chest. "I know. And I'm sorry too." He rocked back on his heels and laced his fingers together in front of his knees looking up at the tree."You were put on your own too soon. Too soon for any Kindred to have to face. But you'll be alright, Taryn." Hearing him say it punched a hole in her own self-doubt. She could feel his confidence in her and it reminded her that her strength wasn't completely gone.

"I'm leaving the city." she said slowly after a moment of silence. "Your ghoul Dannica contacted your sire when she found out I was alive. He wants me sent to him."

A big grin spread across Jackson's face and he chuckled. "You're in good hands then. Just don't let him corrupt you into thinking we Brujah are all about ‘smashing shit good', cuz I know he's gonna try." His dark eyes had that same spark to them. "Loyalty to the clan always, Taryn, protect those who need it and stand up for what you believe in."

"I will." Taryn said. She looked back to the three roses, dew drops already gathering on the edge of the petals. "Tell Jay and Tara I'll see them again some day." But when she looked back, Jackson was gone. She blinked in surprise and glanced around, once again alone in the graveyard. No. . .not alone this time. Jackson, Tara and Jay were with her and always had been. Jackson told her what she needed to hear whether she had imagined him or not. She slowly stood back up. "I will." She repeated.

This time when she walked past the tombstones towards the street, the loneliness and despair she felt was replaced by a fiery determination. She would keep their memory safe and use the loyalty, trust and fighting spirit they taught her to fulfill the promise she made. She could look to the future with a sense of hope now. The beginnings of a smile played on the corner of Taryn's lips as she disappeared into the night.


Bring on the Night

Posted on 03.14.2006 at 01:46
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It's been so long since I've posted any kind of entry on here! I appologize. I would like to get back into updating on the happenings of each session, but sooo much has changed and gone on since the last story! Now that school is in it's last run, I wanna get back into it. If not updating what happens in-game, but at least writing little short stories. I'm gonna get my ST to come up with some questions/ideas and I'll write a response in story-form. I'm thinking of joining deviant_muses as well. I hope to get to this soon, as I've been itching to do more with Taryn outside of the game.

Party Girl

In the heat of the night... Tag - Denver Sinclair

Posted on 09.16.2005 at 12:51
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Even with the windows of the Ferarri down, the wind that blew by as we raced down the streets of Phoenix were still heavy with heat and humidity. I was used to heat...not like it would bother a vampire anyway. Not like we felt much. I glanced over at Denver sitting in the passenger seat and watched him watch the Chinatown scenery as we headed to the core of the city.

I was so engrossed with him that I didn't notice the crosswalk lights start flashing ahead of us. Denver looked forward and his blue eyes went wide, "Uh, don't mean to be a backseat driver Sunshine, but..."

"What?" I looked forward and saw a young woman crossing the street with her three children in tow...And they were rushing up to meet the low-riding grill of the Ferarri rather quickly. "Oh, whoopsie!" I gripped the e-brake and yanked it back and spun the wheel in a smooth arch. "Weeee!" The car responded with the wailing of rubber on concrete as we manuvered around the woman and her kids, missing them with a few feet to spare. The mother let out an angry shriek and shoot her fist at us as we blasted past.

I released the brake and quickly downshifted to gain control of the car. Denver grinned at me. "I think we left my still-beating heart back there somewhere."

I smiled back at him. "Bloody kids shouldn't be out this late anyway." Turning a corner, we left Chinatown behind and ahead loomed the tall skyscrapers of downtown Phoenix. The sidewalks jumped to triple capacity with more people as we headed into the Rack. We passed night clubs, bars and lineups of people. The night was young and everyone was out to have a good time.

I smiled contently. "Welcome to my world. The weekend's here and it's time for being bad."


Fort Taryn and the irony that destroyed it...twice

Posted on 07.11.2005 at 23:53
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When I first came to Phoenix, I was literally broke. The only money I had was the allowance Jass gave me and the small salary I got playing at the Vex. So it wasn't surprising that I lived in what most people would call a shit hole. The building was in a bad part of town, rundown and aged. I personally was quite fond of the place! It was cozy. It was a semi-large bachelor pad. I had a small kitchen, bathroom, my bedroom sectioned off with japanese screens, a respectably-sized tv with a couch and a big comphy chair, with my turn tables, keyboards and computer in the corner. Jass fortified the door so that it couldn't be opened unless you pumped blood into maximizing your strength and had the potence ability. You had to hit the door on a certain spot with enough force to release the locking mechanism. So...needless to say, the place had potential.

There was only one problem with it. Something I didn't really think through.

Everyone knew where it was.

I admit, being young and new in town, I didn't think twice about telling my coterie members where it was. Even one of the meeting places we had was outside my building. Drusius spent a few nights in the bathtub recuperating after a particularly fun night. Jass lived with me for a few weeks. It was when Drusius and Raefin took it upon themselves to go there themselves without telling me that I decided to find another place and keep it a secret!

I recruited Jass and my new ghoul Tony to secret move my stuff to a kick ass loft apartment I found. I had played at the Toreador ball for the harpie Victoria and had made a nice load of cash, so I was good for it. I put so much time into it! I had four huge floor-to-ceiling windows that had steel gates that were on a timer to shut 30 minutes before sunrise, then open again once it set. I had security cameras on the outside the building pointing at the street, the front of the building, the hallway infront of my door and my front entrance with tv monitors in the kitchen and on the second level where my bedroom was. I had an emergency exit behind the mirror in the bathroom that went down the wetwall down to the basement and another one in the bedroom behind the dresser. I had a fire alarm and an extinguisher system too.

But no. I had to bring a fucking 'date' home. A guy who was totally playing me. He was posing as a talent agent from Jive Records who was interested in giving me a record deal. And I fell for it! God it infuriates me! He was a hunter...mother fuckers.. He was so sweet too. Brought me a bouquet of flowers. I was in the kitchen getting us some wine and I could have sworn I heard him talking to himself. I immediately became suspicious and checked him for bugs while we were making out. I didn't find anything. Then he promptly excused himself to head home. I followed him to the Jive Records Phoenix office building. When I got back to the apartment, I found a microphone hidden inside the bouquet of flowers. So after leaving a stream of profanities into the mic, I crushed it. Paranoid now, I slept in the bathroom and was awoken mid-day to smoke coming under the door. I wasted no time and leapt down the wet wall and crawled through the sewer access before passing out below the streets. By entire place was wiped out by the fire, including the two apartments below and above, killing the people there. I lost ALL my stuff. The only thing that survived was my sword and the clothes I was swearing.

And what does my coterie say? "See what happens when we don't know where your haven is?"

Ok, recuperating from that loss takes time. Vextin owns an insurance company so he pulled some strings and my insurance paid off double what it was supposed to be. So I got another place, upgraded all the security systems, replaced all my DJ equipment, got a fire-proof safe to put my records in, and a new wardrobe. I even had a separate recording room with top of the line equipment, and another for my zen meditation room. I had an emergency generator incase my power was cut and a foam fire extinquisher system.

I had it pretty good, or so I thought. I had it for a couple months, then with the Jamacian gangs came that independent coterie of Kindred. Human sacrifices and zombies and funky rituals... Anyway, the Setite was the only one who escaped. Being able to turn into a snake kinda made him hard to track. He somehow found me out, and followed me to my haven. Being a snake, he got past most of my defenses. Now I'm sleeping away in my bed when I wake up to find my fuckin legs on fire! I flipped out and went right through the wall...and ended up two apartments over. Everyone had evacuated and since my legs were no longer on fire, I leapt down the wet wall again.

Guess who I run into! The fuckin Setite was just about to make his escape into the sewer when I come crashing down infront of him. Of course, he has his serpent staff and I'm armed with my pjs. I think my exact words were, "Oh fuckoff!!" Drusius managed to get me out of what could have been a very sticky situation after the Setite knocked me out--or I passed out--I can't remember. I don't know how he was able to find me though.

So I lost another apartment and most of my stuff. The safe protected my records and shit, but I needed to replace all my weapons (except the sword) and clothing again. Jass insisted I move in with him too.

And what did they say? "See what happens when we don't know where your haven is?!"

If I had just stuck with my communal haven, I wouldn't have these problems. And the irony of the situation isn't lost on me. I never had any problems when others knew about my haven. Not sure if I'm even gonna bothering getting another place. At least not for a long time. It'll be my curse, I know it.


OOC: Kudos for the icon

Posted on 07.08.2005 at 00:10
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Hey, I just wanted to give a shout out to noctura for the pretty Buffy icon. And it will therefore be applied to Taryn ^_^ I have some of her icons that I may use, so this is the official credit to her. I have others that weren't created by me but I forgot to get artists' names. If they happen to see one of their icons used by me, I take no credit for any picture I use in my depiction of Taryn unless I happen to make some, but my computer sucks sooooo.. *crickets chirp* Anyways, thanks noctura!

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